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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Survival guide during lockdown and virus fighting advice.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Survival guide during lockdown and virus fighting advice.

W.H.O (World Health Organization) has officially declared the COVID-19 as a pandemic on the 11th of Math 2019. How safe are you and what can you do to minimize the chances of getting infected?

This is a global emergency. Most of us are worried about this situation, but the coronavirus is part of our worries. Some of us live in a country where the government has enforced strict laws and rules erging you to stay home. For example, here in the UK, we went into a lockdown for at least 3 weeks on the evening of the 23rd of March with the aim to slow down the spread of the virus. Learn more here. That was after the softer rules were not being fully obeyed.

As soon as the lockdown procedure has agreed by your government, many of us are asking the following questions... How are we going to isolate ourselves? How will I continue my daily activities requiring me to leave my home? How will I continue working for my business or what about my job? Today we are going to answer some of the most burning questions circulating in our minds.

Every day COVID-19 cases in the UK untill March 24th 2019. Source: Wikipedia
Every day COVID-19 cases in the UK untill March 24th 2019. Source: Wikipedia

Note: Please keep in mind that parts of the answers are based on our personal opinions. Of course, we will list the sources of where we got the rest of the information.

Where to find COVID-19 statistics in my area?

Coronavirus has been involved drastically and now there are many statistic-based websites where you can get the latest coronavirus data. One of them which we particularly liked is displays detailed statistic data down to every county from multiple countries including the US, UK, Germany and more as well as historical data, dashboards and maps.

Should I be worried?

Well, it highly depends. If you have travelled, have been in a big social and tight event with lots of people (such as concert or wedding) or felt unwell or sick such as fever, high temperature, continuous cough or had diarrhea during the last 2 weeks, then I would strongly advise you to stay at home and not go out at all for at least 14 days. Some Health organizations prefer to say 7 days but to absolutely minimize the chances of getting infected, 14 days is the key number. Getting food during this period should only be done by delivery.

However, if the above don't apply to you, then you should worry that much. If you follow the rules given to you by your Health service in your country (NHS for the UK) then you should be mostly fine.

What are your best tips to prevent getting infected?

Our very best tips are listed below:

  • Don't go out unless:
    • Going for Shopping. Try going to minimarkets instead and the closest to your home as possible. That way you will get in contact with as few people as possible. Even that should be done as infrequently as you can. If you are very worried and there are lots of cases in your city, order food by using delivery services.
    • Absolute essential work. This is work where cannot be done from home. Even that, should be done by at most 2-people meeting. Again, if there are lots of infections in your area, city or county, try and see if you can postpone the meeting. Say NO to your friends when they ask you to go out.
    • Medical needs. In most of the countries, if not all countries, the covernment ordered pharmacies and grocery shops to stay open. If you need and medical supplies, go to your local pharmacy ASAP.
    • Exercise. This is only for going out for a run by yourself. Try to keep the running distances as short as possible and close to your house. This is only if you don't have any exercising or gym facilities in your house. In my case it take it to the even more extreme level. To keep myself healthy, I jog up and down then I do the basic exercises such as push, ups and abs. I even filled my bag with books to do bicep curls. Be creative!

UK government COVID-19 advisory text. Sent at the 24th of March 2019
UK government COVID-19 advisory text. Sent at the 24th of March 2019


  • Follow basic health safety measurements such as:
    • Wash your hands as frequently as possible. Try to wash your hands for 20 seconds or sing happy birthday while washing them. There is no excuse not for not washing your hands as soon as you return from your grocerings or pharmacy. If you stay with other people in your house, erge them to wash their hands too.
    • Have a sanitiser with you at all times, even when you go out and use it frequently.
    • Don't touch your face after touching a foreign object. Use your sanitiser first.
    • If possible, purchase a mask and wear it while you are out for shopping, pharmacy or absolute essential work.
    • If you are going out for essential work and there is no other way around it, make sure there is a distance between you and the other person of at least 2 meters (6 feet).
    • Keep yourself and your house clean. Have a shower at least once a day. Make sure to wash your clothes as frequently as possible. Chances are your clothes will be in contact with a foreign object containing the virus. Changing your clothes as soon as you go home and immediately having a shower is a must

How to "survive" a lockdown?

Being in a lockdown is definitely not very fun. Those who are depending on activities occurring away from home will be sadly affected the most. This includes students, business owners, employees etc. Here we came up with as many tips to survive a lockdown as possible:

  • Convert activities you would normally do out of your house into virtual. For instance, use a video chat software (Skype, FaceTime) whenever possible to chat with your teammates or your close ones. We are social species and we occasionally have the need to interact with others.
  • Get a computer! Despite now most of the jobs have been converted or being done electronically, there is still a small number of people who don't have access to a computer. Make sure to get one as soon as you can. If you have a smartphone, that tip would be less of a worry.
  • Study remotely. If your school offers remove study, make most out of it. If you are a college student and your library is still open, see if you can borrow some books from there. Staff will also be aware of how disruptive this situation can be, so they will be willing to help you when you need it.
  • As a student, see if you can get/borrow further equipment from your school or university if it's still open and contact your professors if you cannot have access to them and possible alternative options.
  • Ask if you need help. Contact your Health service if you need more help regarding the current situation.
  • Be active with the news from the TV. All measurements/restrictions taken now are on "the fly" and are subject to change according to the rate of spread of the virus.
  • Make sure to let the sun to "enter" your house. When the sun is exposed to your skin, it produces Vitamin D from cholesterol. See further info here.

Is there anything else I need to know?

No, that's everything. If you still have time, you can have a read on how the virus got started or the about the virus itself. Learning more about the virus, you are gaining a deeper understanding of the restrictions and confidence helping you to stay safer.

On top of that, be sure to be up to date with the news. The pandemic has flooded the Internet with articles relating to the virus and so will be easy to access the latest news regarding it. The faster you learn about the latest measurements, the faster you will act upon them.

Final thoughts?

Stay safe! This is a global was against the pandemic and all of us are fighting to get rid of the virus. If we stay together and follow the instructions given to us, we can only be sure that things are going to be better. Let's all fight to save as many lives as possible!

Any furhter tips to give? Please be sure to leave them below. Share all your tips with us to help and win this war!


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