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Apple Keynote is just 3 hours away. How to not miss it?

George K. Oct 3rd, 2021

This is the second time Apple is hosting the keynote in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Now it's easier than ever to watch the keynote online.

Apple WWDC June 2021 - Everything Announced Summarized.

George K. Oct 3rd, 2021

With all the challenges we faced the previous year and now, we have only managed to find out how much we can do by just using a computer. Now we can ever do so much more!

GUIDE - Back Up iPhone (or iPad) to External Hard Drive (2021)

George K. Oct 3rd, 2021

While Apple doesn't offer an "out of the box" solution to this with iTunes, there's an easy trick which you can apply to backup your iPhone to external Hard Drive for FREE without 3rd party software.

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