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FIX - BootCamp "Create Windows 7 Install Disk" Option Missing

George K. Nov 2nd, 2021

Are you using an old Mac and still want to install Windows 7 by using BootCamp? By the end of this article, the option will be present and you will be able to install Windows 7 on your machine.

Can you Install Windows 10 on your Mac? The complete list for Windows 10 BootCamp support Mac Models

George K. Nov 2nd, 2021

How to tell whether your Mac computer is compatible with Windows 10? Are there alternative ways to install Windows 10 if your model is not featured in the list? Find out now.

Moving files between your Mac and Android is Easier than you think. Here's how...

George K. Nov 2nd, 2021

By default, Mac and Android can't go along together, but installing the necessary software these guys can play very well together. If things go well, this game will become very flexible.

How to Reset your Mac back to its Factory Settings? Step by Step Guide

George K. Nov 2nd, 2021

Tired of your Mac? Or you just need to do a quick format due to technical issues arising? Regardless, this guide will teach you how to reset your Mac back to its Factory Settings.

How to upgrade RAM (up to 8GB) on MacBook 13 inch (White) Late 2009 & Mid 2010?

George K. Dec 2nd, 2021

MacBook Unibody is also known as MacBook White or MacBook Core Duo, can support more RAM than you think. The latest 2 models can support up to 8GB of RAM!

Hate Catalina? Here is how to downgrade to macOS Mojave WITHOUT losing your data.

George K. Nov 2nd, 2021

macOS Catalina really comes with many issues and changes, with the most popular, no support for 32-bit apps. Here is the deal. If you downgrade to Mojave, you get your freedom back!

Fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED issue if nothing else works (Mac)

George K. Nov 2nd, 2021

So you tried clearing your cache, changing DNS to, delete all history data, cookies, extensions and you are able to visit that website from your mobile device?

How to Install Windows 10 on your Unsupported Mac machine - a Full Guide

George K. Dec 11th, 2021

It's true that there are some system requirements which you need to meed in order to make the installation possible. We have removed them so you too can install Windows 10!

How to Disable (and Re-enable) System Integrity Protection (SIP) on Mac easily

George K. Nov 2nd, 2021

Initially, introduced for Mac OS X El Capital back in 2015 as a protection measure to prevent changing root-level files (files belonging to your system) permissions, it's very easy to disable.

How to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive - The Simple Way

George K. Nov 2nd, 2021

No enough space? No worries, while Apple doesn't offer an "out of the box" solution for this with iTunes, I figure out a solution to backup your iPhone on your external hard drive.

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