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Yes. You can still get Emojis on your Android phone.

Yes. You can still get Emojis on your Android phone.

This may seem tricky, but in 10 minutes, you will be seeing real iOS emoji keyboard on your Android device.


Thanks to the fact the Android OS is an open source-based system, you have the ability to download sources from outside the Google Play Store a lot easier than on an iOS device, especially if you are owning a Samsung device.

Note: This method has been successfully been tested on Samsung devices. If you own a phone from a different brand, the following methods may work.

Here's how to do it.

  1. Download Gboard - the Google Keyboard from the Google Play Store.
  2. Launch Gboard.
  3. Click on Select Method and make Gboard your default keyboard.
  4. Cool, now we need to change the font style. Download Aptoid from your favourite browser.
  5. Launch Aptoid.
  6. On the search bar, type Emoji Font 3 and install it. This video will help you if you are facing difficulties with installing files outside the Play Store.
  7. Click on the A button on the top of your screen next to the questionmark.
  8. A prompt will open. Select Emoji Font 3.
  9. Congrats! Now you can enjoy your iOS emojis on your Android device. Go on your favourite browser to test it out!

Don't worry if it didn't work for you though. I have 2 more methods to demonstrate. Feel free to watch my video below. 

Great! Now you can type emojis and mock your friends for using the old fashioned and ugly styled emojis. Just kidding. Make sure to share with them this article!

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