Remove your Device from your Microsoft Account - Quick Guide

Remove your Device from your Microsoft Account - Quick Guide

Connecting your Microsoft account with your device, gives permission to Microsoft to access your device. What if you don't want that?

Removing your Device from your Microsoft account is very easy, and it can be done within a few steps. Please, keep a note that you need to enable your WiFi connection in order to be able to access your Microsoft account. Furthermore, you will need to know your Microsoft Account password in order to proceed. In case you have forgotten your password, reset by asking Microsoft to send you an email with reset instructions.

Once you are ready, let's get the ball rolling.

First thing first, navigate to Settings and then go to Accounts.

From there, navigate to Email & accounts and you should see a small box on the bottom with the Microsoft Logo. Within that box, you should either have two buttons, Manage or Remove. If you have the Remove button, click on that and you are finished! If not, click on Manage and continue to the next step.

From that, it will open your Browser and ask you for a password to login to your Microsoft Account online. Once you input your password, you should be directed to your Microsoft Dashboard. Here you have all sort of options including setting up payments, OneDrive, Privacy and so on. We want to concentrate on managing your connected devices.

Here click on Devices on the top right. You may need to input your password again for security purposes. Then, a new page will open. Here you will see all of your connected devices, including mobile phones, PC's, laptops, consoles and so on. Here you need to identify the device you are using. If you cannot locate it, then select Find My Device button right next to the Overview tab. In my case, I only have one device connected to my Microsoft account so I will remove that.

Once you identify it, click on it and a message prompt should appear for confirmation. Simply tick on the I'm ready to remove this checkbox and hit on Remove.

Congratulations! You have successfully removed your device from your Microsoft account. Now Microsoft has no longer control on your device. In any case you had any issues following our steps, we have made a whole video which you can watch below:

However, this can come with a risk, for instance if you forget your Windows 10 password, having your device connected to your Microsoft account, you can use your account to regain access to your Windows PC by using your email to reset your login password. Microsoft highly encourages you to have your device connected to it to prevent such issues. 

Once you successfully removed your device from your account, please let me know why did you decide to remove your laptop? Was it because of privacy concern? Let me know down in the comments section and don't forget to subscribe to receive our latest articles weekly.

Feedback is always appreciated and welcomed. Feel free to let us know how we are doing!


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