Our Services

Our Services

We do way more than connecting individual technology enthusiasts. We want to help business owners increase their sales. Interested? Here we illustrate all the services we can provide.


Are you a company owner, or looking for platforms to increase your sales and engage more customers? No need to think twice. We can help you promote your product in a number of ways. Spanning from sponsorship to in-depth reviews of your product. We deeply believe by focusing on the needs of the customer, you can greatly increase your sales, but where do you find the potential customers?

We are TechLunar, a community where we help technology enthusiasts to be inspired, connect with other like-minded people and grow their knowledge. We are working hard to grow our community and increase the engagement.

On top of that, we are looking for businesses selling niche products, but struggle to get the product "out there". If we find your products are a great fit for our community, we believe a collaboration will give benefits to our community and to your business.

What services do you provide?

All of our services are listed below.

Service Price (per video) in £ (British Pound sterling) [1]
Short service [3] product advert promotion (15 - 30 seconds)  14.99 [2]
Service product advert promotion (30 - 60 seconds)  19.99 [2]
Product advert promotion (15 - 60 seconds) FREE - exchange for a sample
Short service product advert promotion (15 - 60 seconds) - part of your affiliation program FREE - exchange is discussable
Full dedicated service product video review 59.99
Full dedicated product video review FREE - exchange for a sample
Full dedicated affiliation service product review FREE (Usually) - exchange is discussable
Full dedicated affiliation product review FREE - exchange for a sample

[1] We prefer payments to be sent in the British Pound Sterling currency. We also accept US dollars and Euros depending on your convenience.

[2] Price may slightly vary depending on the position of the ad during the video - for example, promitions at the beginning of the video may cost slightly higher, than those displayed after 1 minute from the start of the video.

[3] Service products are mostly software type products, such as apps (mobile/computer), websites, utility software, software etc.

On top of those services, we product a FREE article in our blog until the 31st of December 2019 12:00pm.

Furthermore, we want to expand and provide more services to you as quickly as possible. If you would like an alternative service, please let us know.

Short Q/A.

How can I start a cooperation with you?

All you need to do is to send us a message here with the description of your business, product and dedicated links which we can look at your product further. Then we will discuss roughly how the promotion will be like in our video and best ways to maximize the efficiency and the potential engagement between your product and our community.

What kind of products do you prefer to offer to your community?

We accept every product which we believe our community will like. Because our community is mostly "made of" technology enthusiasts, we prefer technologic products which our community will most likely to find useful. These can be either services (apps, software etc), which can be anything from mobile accessories (cases, earphones etc), cameras, speakers all the way up to mobile phones, tables computers etc.

What if I don't sell technologic products?

No need to worry, we want to help everyone. We usually prefer not to display non-technological products in our videos, but instead, we can return to you with a written review to your store or any other platform you may sell your product (Amazon for instance). We do this for free as an exchange of a sample of your product. On top of that, we can advertise your product to our website or write an article about it. However, the way of this type of service is still under discussion.

Can I join your community as a product seller?

Of course you can! Our community is open to everyone. There are no restrictions. Be sure to register here and done, you are part of our community!

How can I contact you?

Contact us here! Find our email on the About tab of our YouTube channel, where it says, "For business enquiries".

What happens when I am unhappy with our cooperation or your find out that your product eventually doesn't meet your expectations?

Our past cooperations have been well so far. If there is something we are unsure of despite our best efforts, we would contact you. Very rarely we run into conflicts or a product doesn't meet the expectation to the point that we would be unable to continue. If that happens, we return your payment via PayPal. Keep in mind that TechLunar doesn't cover fees (usually a few pounds/dollars). On top of that, we do our best to keep our partners/sponsors happy and provide the best service we can!

I have a question not listed here. What can I do?

Contact us! We are open to any business related queries. We also try to answer to our community members as well, but please don't spam!

Interested in cooperating with us! Let us know here. We cannot wait to hear from you and your offer.

Finally, we love feedback. Feel free to also message us if there is something wrong which we could improve. Your feedback can help thousands!

Finally, we leave a quote as a thanks for reading all the way to the bottom.

"You cannot buy engagement. You have to build engagement.” –Tara-Nicholle Nelson


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