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12-in-One USB Type-C Hub - I Reviewed and Tested the 12 Port Adaptor

12-in-One USB Type-C Hub - I Reviewed and Tested the 12 Port Adaptor

The Alxum 12-in-1 Hub comes with 12 slots, including a headphone jack, VGA, HDML, 4 USB, Ethernet and SD card slots. I heavily tested it. How many devices can it handle simultaneously?

If you own a MacBook, chances are that you are limited with 2 or 4 USB Type-C ports. However, most of us are still used to owning multiple devices with different types of access, including SD cards, HDMI, Headphone Jack and even a VGA port. In this scenario, you most likely end up using lots of adaptors or one adaptor, but you are still looking for extra ports like an HDMI or Headphone jack or more USB ports.

I think you landed on the right place! I recently got a 12-in-one adaptor containing almost every port which you are going to need, including getting back your "occupied" USB Type-C from the adaptor, together with ports which you never thought it would contain such as an Ethernet Cable, Headphone Jack and microphone line-in slots. The question you may ask is: Can the adaptor handle all of these devices at the same time? Great question I say! I am here to also test this product out and see how it behaves when almost all ports are being used.


  • Size: 269mm Length, 46mm Depth, 16mm Height (10'59" Length, 1'81" Depth, 0'63" Height)
  • Weight: ~140g (0.3 lbs)
  • Colours: Grey Aluminium
  • Slots:
    • 2 USB 3.0 - Up to 5 Gbit/s transmission speeds
    • 3 USB 2.0 - Up to 480 Mbp/s transmission speeds
    • VGA - Monitors up to 1080P@60Hz
    • HDMI (with Audio) - Monitors up to 4K@30Hz
    • IEEE 802.3 1000M Ethernet - 1Gbit/s
    • 1 SD Card - SDHC, SDXC
    • 1 Micro SD Card
    • Headphone Jack - 48l/Hz with a16-bit sample rate
    • 6-20V DC (5.5*2.5mm)
    • PD 3.0 100W(20V/5A) Type C - 5Gbps Data transmission
  • Connectors: 1 Type-C USB
  • Guarantee: Yes, 2 years. 30-day replacement Warranty.
  • Price: $67.99 on Alxum. Was $113.32.

 The Hub with all of its 12 connectors.
The Hub with all of its 12 connectors.

What's in the box?

  • 1x 12-in-1 Type-C Hub
  • 1x USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable
  • 1x User Guide
  • 1x "Thank you" Note
  • 1x QR Support Code

I wave also created a video where I showcase the product and performed the tests live.

Built Quality

The Hub is built with aluminium with surface similar to what is found in Apple computers for better aesthetics. The size is a bit bigger than what you would expect, with length at about 27cm (10'63"). The adaptor will be best suited to be positioned in a permanent position for easier access and use. If you are using a monitor, it will be very well placed below the Display.

Hub placed below the Monitor for convenient use.
Hub placed below the Monitor for convenient use.

It connects to your computer via a single USB Type-C port and in essence, you are replacing one Type-C port with 12 ports and you don't even lose your Type-C! Although Alxum recommends to remove devices if you experience any drop of power and accessibility on your connected devices, it can still handle multiple devices connected.


While the Hub can support up to a 4K display, it can also support up to 3 monitors simultaneously, including the VGA port. During my test, I saw no fluctuations or Glitches while using the Hub for an entire day doing all of my general work, which included accessing video files from it and edit them "In place" in Final Cut Pro and of course, having all of my USB peripheral devices and 1 1080p HDMI monitor connected to it.

The Type C USB port, also called PD 3.0, provides up to speeds of 5Gbps data transmission, as well as it works with a 100W (20V 5A) charge power station to charge your laptop. Although if you own a MacBook, you most likely going to use your existing Type-C ports to charge your laptop and sue the Type-C on the Hub for data transmission.

On top of that, it comes with a Headphone Jack 3.5mm as well as a microphone line-in slot. Perfect for connecting external speakers or non-USB microphones to work on your podcasts and have a good use of your non-Bluetooth headphones!

Finally, it contains 2 USB 3.0 and 3 USB 2.0 to connect your peripheral devices, USB sticks, external storage devices as well an SD card slot and a Micro SD card to transfer your photos from your video camera. Together with all of those, it brings back the "semi-vintage" 1000M Ethernet port which provides you with internet speeds of up to 1Gbit/s. In addition, this port is also background compatible with 10 and 100Mbps.

Tests Performed & Results

While I like testing things and see how much they can stay in perfect shape, I decided to informally test the Hub too! While using the hub for an entire day to do my day-to-day work, I have also stressed up the Hub by connecting multiple devices, including my External SSD storage device requiring a USB Type-C to be connected.

 Multiple different devices connected to the Adaptor.
Multiple different devices connected to the Adaptor.

Initially, I connected all my peripheral devices: Mouse, Keyboard, Microphone, Web-Camera, Monitor (HDMI), USB stick, SD card and everything was still functioning properly. I then proceeded to connect my iPhone (by removing the microphone) and my Type-C External SSD and moved data to the SD card, USB and SSD. After 5 seconds, the hub rebooted (all devices disconnected and reconnected automatically) as the devices consumed more power than what the hub and the single MacBook Pro Type-C port could support. This is the expected behaviour when lots of connected devices consume lots of power than what the actual connector can support.

Hub rebooted resulting with a 2-second black screen when too much power is consumed.
Hub rebooted resulting with a 2-second black screen when too much power is consumed.

Due to this, it's recommended with every adaptor, to use devices which you use at that time than having all your devices connected. Not only this reduces the power consumption, but it will also prevent issues like disconnection of the devices without ejection. Disconnecting devices without properly ejecting them, can cause permanent data corruption and you may end up losing your data. A good rule of thumb is to keep one storage device connected at most on the hub and properly disconnecting it when there's no use.

Final Thoughts

I found this adaptor to be extremely useful for working at home. The fact it provides you with 12 ports to use, it only makes your day-to-day work easier than having to use multiple adaptors for different purposes.

What I liked?

Multiple different ports to use. All in one packed under a stylish shell. Brings back the Ethernet cable!

What I disliked?

Not enough power control when lots of high-powered devices are connected.


30cm USB Type-C cable. Would be nice if the cable was longer.

Speaking of longer cables, I have found a product which would perfectly suite those who are looking to extend the connector cable. I provide you with both US and UK Amazon stores to get the extention cable:

Your Thoughts!

What was your favourite feature? Are you already using an Adaptor? What are the ports which you would like to have in your current adaptor? Please, let me know down in the comment section!

On top of that, please feel free to share your feedback with me down below. I love reading your feedback as much as I writing these articles.

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