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Apple WWDC June 2021 - Everything Announced Summarized.

Apple WWDC June 2021 - Everything Announced Summarized.

With all the challenges we faced the previous year and now, we have only managed to find out how much we can do by just using a computer. Now we can ever do so much more!

Given the challenges we faced this year and the past, the demand for new innovations to catch up with the new norm we are entering is only ever increasing. We need better ways to stay connected with our friends and work better and more efficiently and safer too.

In this article, we are summarising what Apple covered in the latest keynote (7th of June 2021). 

iOS 15

The presentation begins with Craig Federighi talking about new features coming with iOS 15.


FaceTime has evolved over the years and because of the necessity of working remotely, a ton of features are coming to FaceTime. Spatial Audio is a new feature allowing you and your group to feel more connected and making the conversation more natural. This is done by allowing the sound to flow as easy as done face to face.

Other features are:

  • Voice Cancellation: Allows you to cancel background noise in your call. This is done by using Machine Learning to distinguish different sounds to yours and block them.

  • Portrait Mode: Blurs the background and focus the video on the individuals face.
  • Face Time Links: Create a meeting group and share the FaceTime call with your friends via a link. Like how Zoom works.
  • SharePlay: You and your friends can watch a movie and listen to music together. This feature even works with your Apple TV. On top of that, individuals can share their screen.

  • SharePlay API: Allows Developers to bring their apps together with FaceTime.


Moving to Messages, features such as bulk photos, pinning messages and sharing Library music to your friends are also introduced.


Since last year, at most of the times, we have been relying on working at home, meaning we had to work harder to prevent getting distracted from work. Hence, Apple introduces Focus, to allow you to better focus on your work and increase productivity.

  • Notification Summary: Schedule when your iPhone should send you a list of all your notifications. The content of the notifications is decided automatically via Machine Learning based in your interaction with apps.
  • LiveText: Text from your photos can now be recognized and copied, perfect for sharing your handwritten notes with your friends. This feature even recognizes phone numbers in photos.

  • Spotlight: Photos can now be searched based on places where they were captured.

The Photos app now can even automatically create slideshows for you with music matching the feeling and content of your photos. Each slideshow will contain similar images. 

Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet now integrates your ID with your car and even to your office and Hotel. This allows you to unlock your car via your iPhone as well as receive your Room number even before heading to your hotel room. This reduces interaction with the Hotel reception and hence making the process a lot safer and faster. To reduce the use of your physical wallet even further, driving license also comes to your Apple Wallet.

Weather App

The weather app now introduces a live map showing the temperature around your county/state you live in. The map also allows to see the surrounding air quality.

Apple Maps

The new map was launched in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland and today is coming in Portugal and Spain and later in 2021, the map is coming in Australia and Italy. The brand-new design invites more detailed navigation allowing you as the driver, to see bus lanes, crossings and even elevations. On top of that, if you are lost, you can use your iPhone camera to scan the area around you and Apple Maps will direct you to the right direction to your destination.


With iOS 15, new features must come with AirPods.

  • Conversation Boost: Reducing and cancelling out surrounding noise when having a face-to-face conversation.

  • Announce Notifications: Siri now automatically tells you important notifications to you. This is based on your iPhone activity.
  • Find My Network: Now your AirPods can be located with Find My, exactly as you would use it to find your iPhone.

iPad OS 15

The new OS 15 comes with multiple new features. We will begin by the home screen.

Home Screen

  • Widgets: Now you can add custom widgets on top of your app icons.

  • App Library: App Library comes to the iPad which can be accessed from whichever page you are, right from the dock. Pages can also be hidden if you don't need them.


With OS 15, it brings you more powerful ways to work on multiple apps, including fast switching between two apps. Furthermore, while using split screen, you can even open your emails and read them without leaving any of your previous apps.


QuickNote allows you to write notes without needing to open the Notes app. If you are like me liking to take notes whenever I am, QuickNote will be a super useful app for you. This feature works with Safari to drop notes of a specific web page and even get back to the page by tapping on your note on the bottom right corner of your iPad.


Since Translate was launched with iOS 14, millions of users have been using it. Now translate comes to your iPad, together with Auto Translate allowing you to translate conversations without tapping on a button automatically. System Wide Translation allows you to translate text from any app by highlighting it. You can even translate text from photos.

Swift Playgrounds

Whether you are a developer of a beginner, now you can build your very first app straight from your iPad for iPhone and iPad.


All of us receive spam emails. The bad news, spammers can tell whether we have read their emails or not and collect our IP addresses. Now with Mail Privacy Protection, your IP address gets hidden. Even with Safari, your IP will also be hidden to prevent trackers tracking you down. Of course, this feature is optional.


Now Siri can work without using WiFi connection. Now with enhanced privacy, you can even have a back-and-forth conversation with Siri without saying "hey Siri".


We all forger out passwords and forgetting our Apple ID password can be a huge disaster. Now with Account Recovery, you can add trusted contacts to request your password from them if you forget it. Legacy Contacts allow you to get documents, photos, and information from your lost ones. 

On top of that, Apple introduces iCloud Plus coming with some new features.

  • Private Relay: Now with Private Relay, you can browse even more securely. This works by encrypting your traffic done from and to your device to prevent unauthorised access to your traffic information such as fishing.
  • Hide My Email: Now you can create fake emails with iCloud.


Given the situation now and the past year, health now is more important than ever. Apple has introduced new features which can help you stay healthier and more in control.

  • Walk Steadiness: Health can now tell how steady your walking is. Based in risk of falling, Health can detect potential health issues.
  • Labs: You can now see more results from Labs including Cholesterol levels.

All these features are designed to improve your overall health and detect potential health risk as early as possible.

Health Sharing

As taking care of our people now than ever before, Health Sharing can now allow you to share your health data with your family securily. Informatil such as Labs can be shared. If you see something which is not right with your loved one, you can instantly strike a conversation with them instantly.

WatchOS 8

Multiple features come with the new WatchOS 8, especially in Health.

  • Respiratory Rate: Measures how many breaths you're taking every minute. Based on your breaths per minute, if a new trend has been found, you will be notified on your iPhone.
  • Dynamic Profiles: Now you can add dynamic faces from your photos.


Home now becomes easier to use and the whole interaction more enjoyable. With new features such unlocking your door with and choosing to watch your favourite show hands-free, this only saves time and makes the experience a lot simpler. While Home is already available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, the UK and the US, today it becomes available in New Zealand, Italy and Ireland and eventually in Italy by the end of this year.


The new MacOS is called MacOS Monteray. It now becomes even easier and more integrable with your devices by including the features discussed previously with Messages, FaceTime and Focus.

Universal Control

Universal Control allows to interact with your iPad and MacOS with only one keyboard and mouse. It allows you to use your iPad while you are using your Mac without having to touch your iPad. Universal Control even allows you to transfer files between your iPad and Mac. Furthermore, if you are a multi-computer/hybrid user, you can even share files between more than devices.


You can now use your iPhone with AirPlay to present everything on your Mac, even use it as a Air Speaker. Everything which was more complicated in the past, now is done with one tap away.


Safari was re-built from the beginning emphasising on Privacy as we discussed before. New features making your experience much easier and more fun.

  • Tab Groups: So far you might have been using extensions to group your tabs. Tab Groups would be extremely useful to those who end up having more than 30 tabs open, including me.

  • Tabs all Around: Now with tab groups, you can continue working with the tabs from your device without needing to re-open them.
  • Extensions: Now extensions come to your iPhone and iPad Safari.


With all these new features, Apple aims to bring you a better and safer environment to deal with your daily life, whether that's working or doing your daily tasks. iOS 15 will really enable you to be more connected with your friends, be more focused in your work, as well as ensure your loved ones are safe.

Note: All photos are captured from the Apple Keynote.

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