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The Bluetooth Speaker which can draw Pixel Arts - An honest review.

The Bluetooth Speaker which can draw Pixel Arts - An honest review.

Take a look at the Divoom Retro Pixel art and see what it provides. See how you can earn up to 22% discount!

Divoom Ditoo Multifunctional Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

Divoom Ditoo Multifunctional Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

A multifunctional Bluetooth Speaker which gives you the opportunity to explore the pixel art world.

Thông số kỹ thuật

  • Screen 4-inch display

  • Resolution 256 programmable LEDs, 16 million colours

  • Aspect Ratio 1:1

  • Size 9 width x 11.38 height x 12.12 depth cm

  • Weight 1.113 pounds (505 g)

  • Setup Process Very easy

  • Sharing Options Bluetooth, USB, micro SD Card

  • Assistive app Divoom app (iOS & Android)

  • Wi-Fi No

  • Sharing Media Music, Pixel Art

  • Built-in battery Yes, 10 hours

  • Built-in Speaker Yes

Hàng hóa

  • Cool design

  • Great user experience

  • Suitable for younger population

  • Multipurpose use

Những điều tồi tệ

  • A bit heavy

Điểm của biên tập viên

Built-in design


Ease to use


Sound quality




Cost per Value


Điểm tổng thể


Ghi chú của biên tập viên:

A great gadget to play with in your free time. Abilities ranging from being a simple Bluetooth Pixel to using a DJ mixer. If you love pixel art, then you will definitely love Divoom.

Lưu ý:

This review is the outcome of melticulous research and trial of the product. Nonetheless, it is purely the editor's personal point of view and reflects their own experience.

George K.

Admin of TechLunar

Bluetooth Speakers are essential if you like to increase the volume of your music. How about having a retro styled Bluetooth Speaker which can also display cool looking Pixel arts and play some of your favourite games in retro style?

Divoom Retro Pixel Art takes the use of a Bluetooth Speaker to the next level. It comes with a ton of features and lots of functionalities to choose from. After using one for a while, I believe I am in a good position to share an honest review of this gadget with everyone who is looking to purchase one!

Of course, if you would like to get a glance of the Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker, you are very welcomed to take a look at our review:

What does the Divoom Retro Pixel Art Speaker provide?

We summarize and list all of its features below:

  • Screen: 4-inch display
  • Resolution256 programmable LEDs, 16 million colours
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1
  • Size: 9 width x 11.38 height x 12.12 depth cm
  • Weight: 1.113 pounds (505 g)
  • Setup Process: Very easy
  • Sharing Options: Bluetooth (Requires Divoom app), USB-C, micro SD Card.
  • Wi-Fi: No
  • Sharing Media: Music, Pixel Art
  • Built-in battery: Yes - up to 10h of listening time
  • Built-in Speaker: Yes (loud with programmable equalizer)
  • Cost: 67.90£ (10£ discount on amazon by using the coupon: GMQFLVYL, get 30£ discount for purchase of 2 units)
  • Official Website: Divoom

Build & Design

The Divoom Retro Speaker comes in an old fashioned Arcade-like machine which contains 6 keyboard like keys and one joystick-like button. The screen and the keyboard are stick together. There is one 360 Speaker on the top of the Speaker. On the right side, is the Power button, a USB type-C port and a micro USB card slot.

The Speaker comes in 5 different colours, including the Green which is the cheapest of all starting at 67£, as well as black, turquoise, pink and white for 69.90$.

On the keyboard, you will notice one yellow key on the top left, a key with a brightness icon on its top on the top right, a plus and minus button in the middle and left and right navigation keys on the bottom left and right.

The yellow key is used to access the menu. This is where all begins. By using the arrow navigation keys, you can navigate through the menu and use the joystick to choose. The plus and minus buttons are used to adjust the volume of the speaker and by holding down either of the left and right buttons, it will adjust the brightness accordingly. By holding down the joystick, you will enable the voice recording feature where you will be able to record yourself.


The Divoom Speaker is very easy to use. Coming with the latest Bluetooth technologies, I had zero struggle connecting the Speaker to my phone and play my favourite music. The menu is very easy to navigate with the keys and it's very well organized. While typing the keys, you will realise the sound of 90s and early 2000s keyboard sounds.

It comes with a Pixel Art pallet so you can draw the designs the Divoom is showing you as well as play some of your favourite games including Tetris and Flappy Bird. For Flappy Bird, instead of the "tap" you have now the click on the joystick for boost. On Tetris you use the arrow keys to turn around the shape. On top of that it comes with a Decibel meter, a stopwatch and an alarm.

Connect to Phone

Connecting to your phone is extremely easy. Simply navigate to your settings menu and enable Bluetooth. On your Divoom device hit the yellow key to open the menu. Press on the right arrow key 5 times to move to hte last option on the menu and select it by using the joystick. You should see the Bluetooth symbol. Select it with the joystick. Wait a few seconds and now the Speaker and the phone are paired.

Divoom App

To expand the functionality of the Speaker, Divoom provides a free to download app for both iOS and Google Play stores. The setup is also very easy to follow. Once you open the app for the first time, you will need to create an account and by going to settings, to add your Divoom device to your devices.

Once this is done, you have access to a whole lot of other features, including a pallet to design and create your own Pixel Art animations and post them to the online community from around the globe. Let us know what you are going to create in the comment section!

Furthermore, you are also provided with a simple DJ mixer to create some simple DJ beats and record them. Great feature if you like music and DJ-ing.

Divoom also gives you the opportunity to connect with your friends by adding them by their email address. If you have a close friend, convince him/her to purchase an Divoom Speaker so you earn your 30£ discount, by purchasing 2.

The app also provides you with 50,000+ international online radios.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed using the Divoom Retro Bluetooth Speaker and having all those features, you end up forgetting its main purpose which is being a Bluetooth Speaker. I would use it daily right next to my laptop so I can see the cool Pixel Art effects while playing my favourite music.

We liked

The multiple features it provides. Easy to use interface and great user experience. 

We disliked

Design a bit complicated to be used purely as a Bluetooth Speaker when going out.


There are no other games available other than those pre-installed in the device.

Where can I buy one of these?

You can purchase one from the official website of Dizoom, but we highly encourage you to purchase one from amazon as by using the coupon: GMQFLVYL, you can get a 10£ discount when purchasing one Divoom device and 30£ discount when purchasing two. Great deal for purchasing one for your friend who lives in the distance and would like to communicate with pixel arts during the pandemic.

Your Turn!

What was your favourite feature from the Divoom Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker? What would be the first feature you would try out! Please, let us know below!


We enjoy hearing from your feedback as much as writing these articles. If you would like to see something better from us or something doesn't work properly, do not hesitate to let us know and we will correct it!

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