Are you using AdBlock?

Ok look, I understand you find ads annoying and you prefer free-of-ads content. We dislike advertisements too, but ads help us make technology content possible and better according to your feedback.

Here is the deal. You whitelist, we continue providing the highest quality content possible.

I know you may say 'I am just one person to block your ads', but imagine if every single visitor says that. We are doomed.

Thanks for your understanding.


We are sad to see that. I hope you change your mind later on.

  1. Click on the AdBlock Extention logo on top right corner. It looks like a stop sign.
  2. A menu should appear. Click on 'Pause on all sites' option.
  3. That's it. AdBlock is now blocked for all sites.

Instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer.

We are open to hear from you whether you are an enthusiast having a question or a company looking for a business coopertion. We want to hear from you. Here is what we can offer for business individuals looking for a business cooperation with us. However, we don't accept advertisement emails. Spamming and ad-based emails do not provide any mutual benefit and will be either deleted or blocked.