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The Ultimate affordable headphones: Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones - still great on 2020?

The Ultimate affordable headphones: Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones - still great on 2020?

I almost been a year-old user for the Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones. What makes the MPOW so great?

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

Cheap but Great Choice of Headphones

Spécifications techniques

  • Size 8.51 x 18.49 x 13.49 cm (3.35 x 7.28 x 5.31 in)

  • Weight 299 gr (0.66 lbs), 354 gr boxed (0.78 lbs)

  • Material Plastic/Memory-Protein earpads

  • Connectivity Bluetooth/Wired

  • Wireless Connectivity distance 10m (32 feet)/40m (133ft) without obstacles

  • Compatible devices Computers, mobile devices

  • Colours Black, Red, Pink, Green, Grey, Blue, Silver, Rose Gold

  • Battery life 15-20h continuous play

  • Charge time 3.5h

  • Foldable Yes

  • Size adjust Yes

  • Microphone Yes

  • Noise Isolation Yes. CVC 6.0

  • Sound Hi-Fi Stereo sound

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ACN) No

  • Cable durability Tangle-Free Cord

  • Voice assistant control No

  • On-headphone control Yes.

Les Marchandises

  • Good sound quality

  • Confortable

  • Affordable

  • Small foldable size

  • Comes with a pouch

Les méchants

  • No voice assistant

Note de l'éditeur





Audio Quality






Cost per Value


Note globale


Note de l'éditeur:

Affordable and comfortable headphones with battery life lasting at almost 1 day with great sound quality is indeed the ultimate choice headphones!


This review is the outcome of melticulous research and trial of the product. Nonetheless, it is purely the editor's personal point of view and reflects their own experience.

George K.

Admin of TechLunar

Most people may know me as workaholic, but something you may not know is that I am a big fan of music. When you find me working, you will usually find me with headphones sitting for hours to get my work done.

As you may guess for my case, wearing headphones which are both reliable, comfortable on the wear and being able to connect to my mobile phone quickly (almost instantly) is a must, and MPOW provide exactly that!


  • Size: 8.51 x 18.49 x 13.49 cm (3.35 x 7.28 x 5.31 in)
  • Weight: 299 gr (0.66 lbs), 354 gr boxed (0.78 lbs)
  • Material: Mostly Plastic, Memory-Protein earpads
  • Connectivity: Wireless (Bluetooth) Wired (3.5mm aux jack)
  • Wireless Connectivity distance: Up to 10m (32 feet), Up to 40m (133ft) without obstacles
  • Compatible devices: Computers, mobile devices
  • Colours: Black, Red, Pink, Green, Grey, Blue, Silver, Rose Gold (Note: Amazon UK only provides Black, Red and Pink for now)
  • Battery life: 15-20h music playback
  • Charge time: 3.5h
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Size adjust: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Noise Isolation: Yes. CVC 6.0
  • Sound: Hi-Fi Stereo sound
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ACN): No
  • Cable durability: Tangle-Free Cord
  • Voice assistant control: No
  • On-headphone control: Yes. Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Volume Up/Down, On/Off, pairing, Pick up/Hang up calls
  • Price: £26.99 on Amazon UK, $29.99 on Amazon US

MPOW 053 Headphones Box
MPOW 053 Headphones Box

For a live review, we have created a video for this article too!

What's in the box?

  • MPOW Headphones x1
  • Pouch to store headphones x1
  • Headphone Jack Cable (3.5mm) x1
  • Charger x1
  • User Guide x1
  • Leaflets

Box contains MPOW headphones, a pouch, charger, headphone jack cable and some leaflets.
Box contains MPOW headphones, a pouch, charger, headphone jack cable and some leaflets.

What makes the MPOW headphones stand out?

Ignoring the price, mainly the reliability. I have been using those headphones every day for 1 year and never experienced any issues or technical issues, apart from some discomfort to my ears after 3-5 hours of continuous use. MPOW suggests taking breaks every 1-2 hours to avoid discomfort on your head. 

Despite that, they connect to your mobile device via bluetooth almost instantly by the time you enable pairing mode (hold down the big middle button for 3-4 seconds on the right earphone). Most importantly, I find those headphones to isolate background noise quite well. I even just wear them sometimes to lower the background noise in the room. Some researchers say that you are most likely to get distracted, if you are able to understand background conversations. The under 30$ Headphones are able to do exactly that for low to medium volume background conversations.

Control and phone pick ups are very easy to access.
Control and phone pick ups are very easy to access.

How do the MPOW headphones sound like?

I would say, they sound pretty good, definitely above average. They provide rich base technology, Hi - Fi Stereo sound with CSR Core and CVC (Clear Voice Capture) 6.0, set of noise reduction algorithms built into the microphone audio processing circuit, technologies to enhance sound quality and reduce background noise, together with the help of the Memory-Protein earpads.

Definitely, not the best sound quality you will ever hear, but wat shocked on how well the background noise would be reduced even if I would play any songs. Correct, all of those packed on a 26.99$ headset!

How easily can you carry them?

Easily. They weight only 299 gr (0.66 lbs). Although slightly larger than what you are used to, they can easily be folded and packed in the pouch provided. That way, they can easily fit in your bag. Be careful though as the pouch is very soft, so avoid squishing them with other stuff. Try to place them on top of your bag always!

When folded, they take less space than expected.
When folded, they take less space than expected.

How do they compare to other headphones?

They perform very well compared to other headphones, even more expensive than the MPOW. In this case, I can compare them with the Apple Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones, because I have been using them for 4 months before the MPOW.

MPOW are noticibly larger and have more complex design than the Apple Solo Beats. Although they take relatively small space when folded, I found the Solo3 to take slightly less space. Speaking of storage, the Solo3 3 come with a zip bag where its safer to store them in, compared to a pouch, which the MPOW provides, although putting them in a pouch is faster.

Solo3 have noticable better sound quality, but they have worse noise cancelation ability than that the MPOW provides, thanks to the MPOW earpads being larger, so they cover your entire ear, compared to Solo3 where the headpads are placed on top of your ear.

Both headphones connect instantly to all mobile devices, both iOS and Android. Thanks to the W1 chip built in on the Apple Solo3 headphones, connecting them to iOS devices is slightly earier and faster.

While Solo3 headphones can charge in 3h (30 minutes faster than the MPOW), they double MPOW battery life at 40h of continuous music playback.

The small size of the Apple Solo3 headphones bring in to a cost. They can feel quite uncomfortable when using them more than 15-30 minutes for some users. MPOW recommends users to take breaks after 1-2 hours to prevent discomfort, while in my case I can start feeling uncomfortable only after 3-5 hours. MPOW are definitely more comfortable than the Solo3 headphones.

Maybe Apple Beats Solo3 headphones had more ups, but they cost 6 times (179.99$) more than the MPOW headphones. MPOW brought a good fight here.

Size comparison between Apple Beats Solo3 (left) and MPOW 059 Headphones (right).
Size comparison between Apple Beats Solo3 (left) and MPOW 059 Headphones (right).

Final thoughts

If you are looking for badget headphones, then you shouldn't be looking anywhere else. I am certain enough MPOW will be your number 1 choice headphones under 30$.

What we liked?

Noise cancelation, Compact store size, Pair/Connectivity speed and ease, Reliability, Small foldable size.

What we disliked?

No voice assistant control.


Built in material (produce plastic sounds but doesn't feel very cheap).

A wee background story

Initially, I would use earphones before I got a set of an Apple Beat Solo 3 Wireless headphones for free (came with my MacBook Pro). The Solo 3 headphones were not bad, if you exclude the disconfort they would bring after wearing them for long periods of time. I would feel pressure to my ears after 20 minutes of use and had to take them off occassionly. Not very practical as I would use them in purpose to block backround noise in order to help myself to focus.

When I got the MPOW headphones, I decided to use them for a bit and see if they would be more comfortable than the Solo 3. Because of their larger earpads, they provided better comfort and allowed me to wear them for longer time periods. The sound quality is a tiny bit worse than the Solo 3, but they provide better sound canceletion technology, mainly due to the material and the larger earpads. Since I started using the MPOW headphones, I never had any issues with them, only a slight pain on my ears after using them for around 3-5 hours straight. I am very happy with them!

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