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How to create a Windows 11 Bootable USB Flash Drive

George K. Nov 30th, 2021

Windows 11 is just around the corner and many people are already receiving updates. Not received the update yet? Here's how to create a Windows 11 bootable USB installer drive to update your computer

How to install Windows 11 on a Mac? This workaround will work!

George K. Dec 10th, 2021

With Windows 11 being released a few months ago, theres still not an official way to get Windows 11. This workaround will help you install Windows 11 on your Mac with BootCamp Assistant

How to backup iPhone to external hard drive on Windows?

George K. Dec 13th, 2021

If you are low on space, then one of the many ideas to free up space, is to store (or move) your iPhone backups to an external hard drive on Windows. Here's how to do it!

How to install Windows 11 on external Hard Drive? Bypass the requirements

George K. Dec 14th, 2021

Are you looking to install Windows 11 and run them on unsupported hardware, without TPM or Secure Boot? I think I've got you a solution!

6 Ways to transfer videos (and photos) between iPhone and Windows (Wireless & Cable)

George K. Mar 13th, 2022

Still unsure on how to move your videos to your Windows computer? Don't worry! I have collected 6 FREE ways where moving your videos to you computer and vice versa without any difficulties!

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