Google, YouTube, Gmail seems to be down or crashing in the Balkans and Turkey on December 2019

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Google Services constantly crash in Southern/Eastern Europe right now (10am Eastern European Time). Anyone else being affected? What can you do?

Google for some reason seems to be failing around the Balkan area. Google takes a while to process a query request while YouTube cuts the connection after around 10 - 20 seconds.

Error seen after Google Chrome attempting to access
Error seen after Google Chrome attempting to access

According to DownDetector , more than 100 of reports are being generated around the Balkan and Minor Asian Coutnries. These include Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Serbia and more.

Reports spiked at 135 at 10:06am Eastern European Time (08:06am London Time)
Reports spiked at 135 at 10:06am Eastern European Time (08:06am London Time)

Many people from these countries complaining that every Google service is failing or down, by posting comments on DownDetector. Definitely, you are not alone!

What can I do?

No one likes waiting right? We suggest you to use DuckDuckGo for now or if you have a paid VPN service, you may use VPN to North America such as US and Canada or western Europe like Germany France and UK. Despite that, Google services may still be down for the next 30 minutes.

Are you affected? Let us know by dropping a comment down.

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